Sunday night. No Sunday sundaes today – xgf’s move back to her parents’ place has turned out to be more complicated than hitherto anticipated. It’ll be a three-day project (hopefully not a longer one), so there’s that. The upside is that I’ve managed to score eight hours of sleep two nights in a row. I think the last time that happened was during my big roadtrip vacation in July. (It feels so long ago now…)

Treated myself to a Tim Hortons breakfast this morning. (For all y’all yanks reading this – imagine the nicest fast food chain you’ve ever been to (okay, maybe not as nice as In’N’Out) and add a huge selection of 99-cent donuts. Then you’ll get Tim Hortons.) I haven’t actually been inside one of their franchises in about four months: it’s been exclusively drive-through. Sorry to say that things have gone south. The cashier had her mask underneath her nose. (Though there was a thick plexiglass barrier between us.) One of my fellow fast food fans wasn’t wearing a mask at all. There was a government printout hanging on the wall, stating your name and email may be recorded for potential tracing purposes – but no one asked me. I understand that folks get the pandemic fatigue, but jeez… At least try to go through the motions, folks.

In personal news… I’m doing what I do best – time-traveling by ignoring the present and daydreaming about the future. At some point, around roughly day 260, it will be 2021, a whole new year. I’m already daydreaming and brainstorming (dreamstorming?) different plans and far-out scenarios for different things I can do. They range from rather realistic to utter fiction, but hey, gotta have a hobby, right? April 2021 will be a very interesting month for me…

In covid news: Mexico isn’t doing so well. Parts of the country have run out of death certificates, leading to a million new ones getting printed and distributed. Just that scenario alone – vital state bureaucracy running out of death certificates – is horrifying and creepy and unimaginable as all hell. It’s hard to gauge the exact covid death toll due to poor testing or ambiguous death causes or what have you. Even so, by the official count, Mexico has the fourth-highest death toll in the world – behind the US, Brazil, and India. As far as I know, though, none of the above had to do an urgent order on death certificates, and… I’ve got no words. That’s simply horrifying. I wish them well, but it looks like there are some very deeply entrenched systemic factors in place: not just obesity or shoddy healthcare, but the inefficient government as well. I wish them well, for what little that may be worth.