Monday night. Well, it took a three-day weekend, some tears, and a lot of 3D Tetris with my car’s layout, but we got it done: I’ve helped xgf pack up and move back in with her parents. She’s over an hour of highway driving away from me now: for all intents and purposes, there goes my last social connection. No bueno. Distinct lack of bueno, if I may be so forthright and honest with y’all.

Upside: Skype still exists, and I’ll be able to relax from work a whole lot more without having to brave the homicidal Toronto traffic every weekend. Downside: things are gonna get awfully monotone. I can just imagine myself saying “how is this already October?!” a few weeks from now. Heh.

…I had a very disturbing dream about something bad that will happen on November 16th. Probably nothing. Most likely nothing. Leaving this mention here as a temporal bookmark, though.

In covid news: after that huge biker rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, the state has become the nation’s top hot spot for covid. If only literally anyone were there to warn them about that. What a strange and unpredictable world we live in, where none of the wise elders had foreseen and warned against this exact happenstance. Except that they did, and got ignored for the sake of that sweet, sweet tourism money. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I doubt they’ll learn their lesson, though.

Meanwhile, there have been plenty of headlines of giant maskless weddings turning into covid clusters. (Well, to me any wedding with over 100 guests is a giant one; your mileage may vary.) Some of the weddings got linked to clusters with hundreds of new infections, as well as a handful of deaths. The worst part? Those who died had caught covid secondhand from the wedding guests, so they hadn’t even gotten to try the wedding cake.

I can’t tell if every single person who attended maskless weddings was completely misguided about the risk they were taking, or if a small but vocal plurality convinced them to throw caution to the wind. Guess we’ll never know. Even as we get into the colder months, and even as we’re about to get yet another wave of covid, unfortunately we should probably expect more of the same: giant social functions that party extra-hard to strengthen their denial of the plague. I hope the cake will be worth it, and I hope there’s enough for everyone to take home and share with those who will partake in their viral loads…