Sunday night. Another uneventful weekend is behind me, another uneventful week about to start.

The biggest accomplishment of my week has been binge-watching all 30 episodes of Ozark. Fine show – a strange mix of Arrested Development and Breaking Bad. I must say, I had no idea it’d be such a wild mix of finance and political science: the two things I love the most. Heh. I suppose if nothing else, that TV show makes for a great cautionary tale. And now, off to find more random entertainment… (The video game I keep playing, Elder Scrolls Online, has hundreds of hours of content, but it does get mighty repetitive after a while.)

…upon steady, sober, and non-subjective reflection on my reflection, I’ve decided that Apocalypse Beard is not such a good look for me after all. This seems to run in the family: there’s simply not enough facial hair density to make it look presentable. Ah well. I hope I won’t forget to take a picture for posterity before I shave it off, lest I forget and get the same bright idea to grow it out a few years down the road. Making personal progress in lockdown, eh?

With luck, this will be the week I get the long-awaited phone call to make an appointment with Canada’s biometrics and get one tiny step closer to becoming a permanent resident. (Toes and fingers crossed!)

In covid news, a giant Hasidic wedding with 10,000 guests got shut down on extremely short notice in Brooklyn. Apparently, it’s a big deal when a grandchild of some religious big wig gets married. The new plan for the wedding is to narrow the attendance down to just “close family members.” That may mean they’ll abide by the 50-person limit, or they’ll use the family loophole to sneak in a few thousand of their closest friends. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

This ultra-orthodox sect has been vocally anti-mask in New York this year, to the point of organizing a mask-burning bonfire… Diversity is good. Alloys are stronger than base metals. But the real test of cooperation and strength comes during crises such as this one. Will that community find a way to coexist with their neighbours and take the pandemic as seriously as it ought to be? Time will tell.

And in the “modern-day horror stories” category – a woman in Texas died on a plane. She was in her 30s. The plane hadn’t even taken off – they were still on the tarmac. That means she was well enough to make it through security, then sat down, and… There were some accounts from the 1918 pandemic that the flu was so virulent that some people would sit down on the subway and die before the train reached the end of the line. Some modern-day scientists claimed those stories were made-up exaggerations. Well, here is a modern-day version of those tales. I’m sure that some decades later, some scientists who aren’t even alive yet will scoff and laugh and shrug at this news report the same way their modern counterparts downplayed the horrific accounts from 1918. If we can do nothing else, we can at least document everything around us. Record whatever you can: you never know when it’ll come in handy.