Tuesday night. If the 1920s were filled with parties and ended with a disaster, and the 2020s began with a disaster instead… Does that mean we’ll get to party it up for nine years?

Another utterly unremarkable day here in suburbia, except that both of my landlords were coughing up a storm this morning. They both say it’s just a bad cough and there are no other symptoms, and I have no reason to disbelieve them. Even so, it’s always possible that’s something worse. If that’s covid, then I’ve probably already been exposed… We’ll see. The tickle in the back of my throat is still there, even though it’s been about a week, but it and I have a non-aggression pact. It’s possible that’s all there really is – just some cold with mild symptoms.

At work, I very nearly got to volunteer to drive and deliver a thingy five hours away, which would have resulted in a fun 10-hour roadtrip. Alas, that didn’t come to be. Too bad, but there’ll be other roadtrips later. Not anytime soon, most likely: the first snow is just a few weeks away, and driving between cities when all that white crap is sticking everywhere doesn’t strike me as safe. These days, I mostly escape into the thoughts about the past and the future – anything but the present. Depending how well things go next year, I miiiight be able to finally vacation someplace warm, exotic, and sunny. (Still a little salty that Tunisia didn’t work out for me back in March.) But if not, and if things stabilize in Quebec, then maybe Montreal… Yay hypothetical imaginary future roadtrips.

In covid news, same old, same old. The other night, Dr.Fauci appeared on 60 Minutes where he frankly discussed how frustrated he is with America’s covid response. (Or lack thereof, really.) He said he and his family got harassed and received death threats… Now the poor guy has to have security with him when he goes on his power walks. He’s almost 80. After the recent spike in attempted political violence, it’s possible that some other idiot will try to go after Fauci himself, security or not. And, of course, Trump didn’t help things, calling Fauci an idiot later on, mocking all the safety measures, etc.

I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to live in the US right now. Stay strong and safe and sane, y’all.