Saturday night. I’d pay a good chunk of change to know when my next weekend party will be. (Best case, four months out.)

The election nightmare is finally over. Now they’ll all get to take the weekend off before getting at each other’s throats again for the 2022 election. Ho hum. The most corrupt president in living memory has been defeated. That does call for a celebration. (In my case, an extra Tim Hortons meal and a day with no exercise.) Whoop-whoop.

But if you look just one level deeper… Trump received 7.6 million more votes than in 2016. People saw all he’s done, and decided that they want more of that, please and thank you. Biden was the most boring, most centrist candidate from the Democratic primary, and he ended up barely winning those last key states, with just a few thousand votes here and there. (I know, he got millions more votes overall, but we gotta play by the outdated system’s rules here, unfortunately.)

If not for the pandemic, of if Trump had been mildly more competent with his pandemic handling, or if someone even a bit more controversial than Biden had gotten the nomination, Trump would have gotten reelected. This was a victory, but a very fragile one, and one that shed light on some very disturbing truths that will not go away.

Sorry, y’all, but I’m going to remain in Canada – things are far from perfect here, but at least we don’t reward corruption with millions more votes after it gets exposed for all the world to see, eh.

In covid news, president-elect Biden addressed multiple issues during his first official speech. One of them was setting up a group of scientists and experts on Monday to brainstorm the best way to handle the pandemic. Unfortunately, neither they nor Biden will have any actual resources before the January inauguration, so even if they have a perfect plan, we’ll still get countless avoidable deaths between now and then… Ironically, Trump’s impromptu speech earlier today was held in the parking lot of a landscaping company, located between an adult bookstore and a crematorium. (I am not making this up.) I guess that’s a fitting end to his administration, whose motto in 2020 may as well have been “fuck off and die.” So it goes.