Sunday night. Yet another week closer to becoming a permanent Canadian, eh.

Today was filled with frugal low-key hedonism: snacking on random foods, not exercising (yay designated cheat day), playing video games… I spent over an hour of my precious weekend time trying to install an add-on for my MMORPG, Elder Scrolls Online. That was mostly unsuccessful. Is that a metaphor? It sure feels like one. In lieu of absolutely nothing, I’m going to finish the day by finally watching Downfall – the award-winning movie about Hitler’s last days as his empire collapsed around him.

I’ve had the first Skype chat in a while with xgf earlier today. She’s doing well, though her father has started marching around the house and literally yelling at his phone as he watches an endless stream of pro-Trump TikTok videos. He’s a Canadian and won’t be affected by Trump’s loss in any way whatsoever, but I’m guessing he took his idol’s downfall (heh) close to heart. Alas, xgf can’t afford to move anywhere else at this time… Her overall life is doing well, though, so good for her.

As for my romantic life: a few days ago, a local dude with a blank profile and a fetish for tickling people’s feet inquired about my availability. I declined his advances, put on my socks, and tried to view that in a positive light: there’s lots of diversity in this world, it turns out.

In covid news, the US has crossed 10,000,000 recorded covid cases. It’s hard to say how many there truly have been: testing was very nearly non-existent during the first months of the pandemic. We’ll never know the true number. Using the admittedly flawed methodology they do have, that last, 10th million had taken only 11 days… The new cases in the US keep increasing and setting new records with every passing day: each new million cases will come that much faster. You either understand exponential growth, or you get hit by it with the full force of an 18-wheeler as you jaywalk your way through life.

Stay safe out there, folks. If you’re in the US and stayed uninfected this long, your difficulty level will be progressively harder with every passing day, but you can do this, eh.