Friday night, whoop-whoop.

I live in a snowglobe… We get a bit more sunlight every day: today, sunset was at 5:55pm. I logged off a little early, did some reading in bed, and watched the giant fluffy snowflakes outside my window. It was still light, and something about that particular snowfall, slow and lazy but relentless, contrasted with everything I own crammed into one small but warm studio, really made it feel like I was watching this from inside out, from within a very strange little snowglobe. It might as well be, given how predictable my routine has become, eh. Still, it was a rare treat to see a tiny bit of nature while the sun was still up. (Give it up for the relentlessly sliding personal standards, folks!)

That Tropico-1 game is still kicking my ass. I’m quite tempted to just quit it (it’s growing more frustrating than entertaining) but there’s not a whole lot else to do for mindless fun, and that soundtrack is pretty amazing.

In covid news, there’s another good update about the Pfizer vaccine. A study determined that the Pfizer vaccine is still highly effective after just one dose, and that it can be stored in regular freezers for two weeks. (The ultra-cold temperatures required for Pfizer made logistics a huge challenge. More so than usual, in any case.) There’s no official word from Pfizer itself (their recommendation has always been two doses), and it’s unclear how effective just one dose would be long-term compared to two… Nonetheless, that sounds almost too good to be true, especially after all the other false starts and setbacks, but I’m allowing myself to get excited about the rare good news. It’s quite a treat in this dark winter, eh.

Have yourself a safe (and hopefully sunny) weekend, y’all.