Saturday night.

The most exciting development in my life: I’ve officially given up on Tropico-1. Heh. That 20-year-old video game well and truly kicked my ass. Games developed in this day and age are far more user-friendly and thus less challenging. I wonder how folks in 2021 would react if the same sort of game came out and refused to let them win unless they spent several evenings (or 12-14 consecutive hours, whichever) trying to beat it.

New distraction from the overwhelming and constantly encroaching boredom: the good ol’ 7 Days to Die, aka the greatest zombie game ever made. I already know how it’ll turn out: either my character gets eaten alive after I dump quite a few hours into her, or I’ll accomplish the badass state of a bike-riding zombie slayer and run out of challenges. The latter should take maybe 50 hours of gameplay.

…who could’ve predicted that the end of the world as we know it would be so goddamn boring?

In covid news, more good news from Israel: those who received both shots of the Pfizer vaccine saw a 98% in fever or breathing problems, and were 98.9% less likely to get hospitalized and die. That is downright amazing. Israel is on track to be the first country in the world to get fully vaccinated, and thus they’re everyone’s giant guinea pig. (If they all develop mRNA-induced superpowers, the Middle East geopolitics will get even stranger.) There’s no lack of negative covid news, but there’s more and more positive stories coming out every single day. I’m trying to focus on those… There’s essentially nothing a person can do unless they’re a hospital worker, so we’re all just unwilling passengers on this apocalyptic ride. Can’t change a thing, so might as well concentrate on the light at the end of the tunnel, eh?

Enjoy the second half of your weekend, y’all.