Saturday night – day one of the three-day weekend. Today was mostly good. We found a giant park with very few people in it – it was still open, unlike many others. Went for a nice little hour-long hike – the sun, the greenery, the clear and cloudless sky… If it hadn’t been for a gang of random jerks riding through the forest on motorcycles, it would’ve been a perfect outing. (There were signs posted to keep motor vehicles out, but I guess some folks are living out their weird little fantasies while everything is locked down.)

Xgf is still very anxious about moving – just a week away now. She’ll always have the lifeline of her parents – they live an hour away. They’ll be able to come pick her up if the loneliness becomes unbearable. The stir-craziness is getting to her: earlier today, she asked me if Amazon created the virus to wipe out their competition… (That was shortly after we saw an article about JC Penney declaring bankruptcy – the end of an era.)

The news is still a hot mess – more children falling sick, more distractions from the White House and spikes in new cases in newly reopened states. And to think, this year isn’t even halfway through… At some point not too long from now, folks will think of even this mess as the good ol’ times.