Wednesday night – closer to the next weekend than the prior one, for what it’s worth. Today, I passed a fairly significant milestone on my road to lean-FIRE. This blog is not the right venue, but suffice to say, that was cause for celebration. In other news, it took me embarrassingly long to realize I own zero champagne glasses.

It’s interesting that the LCBO employees wear face shields and gloves, while the local grocery store’s cashiers act as if nothing out of t he ordinary happened over the past three months…

I’ve acquired the last (hopefully) piece of paperwork for my permanent residency application. Toes and fingers crossed… Xgf is doing okay: now that she’s on her own, her sleep schedule is rather misaligned: she goes to bed around 3am and gets awakened by random morning noises. Not that I’m doing much better: I’ve been averaging 5-6 hours of sleep, promising myself to catch up over the weekend.

Not that anyone will actually see it (masks and all), but I’ve started growing out my Apocalypse Beard (TM, copyright pending). The last time I shaved was last Sunday, day 72. (We were so young and innocent then. Heh.) Xgf hates stubble, so I’d spent the entire AirBnB odyssey shaving at least once a day. The current facial shrubbery is just as sparse as it had been before the plague, but it does seem a bit darker and faster-growing than before. Since I don’t really go out much these days, it’ll be interesting to see how long I can keep it growing. (In the past, I cut it off after 4-6 weeks due to odd looks, crying children, and the mildly developed sense of shame.)

Covid news: same old same old. Russia claims to have discovered a miraculous treatment regime (my Vietnamese landlord is very excited about that) but so did every other country. We all remember how much the hydroxychloroquine hype backfired, eh?..