Thursday night, and yet another workweek’s almost done. Time flies by so fast when you work from home… No new faces or office chatter, just the same old environment. Not that I’m complaining, mind you: I’m saving plenty of time and money now that I’m not commuting.

Lawyers from work had a welcome update: they’ve finalized all my documents, and they’re ready to submit my permanent residency application. The next Express Entry draw is in a week, so this timing is perfect. Once I get an invitation to apply for PR, the rest should be a formality: wait a few months, and then I’m officially a Canadian. (And from what I understand, I’ll be able to apply for citizenship in April 2022.)

It feels ridiculously inappropriate to celebrate, but my investments have also being doing quite great. I’ve passed another milestone today. (I know, it’s odd to have two of them back to back.) More champagne to celebrate.

Xgf is adjusting to the basement life, though her sleep cycle seems to be affected by the lack of sunlight. She’s making up for the lack of social contact by organizing the hell out of that basement apartment, and doing things like comparison-shopping for the greatest planner/organizer out there. Hey, we all have our hobbies.

In covid news, some of the Las Vegas casinos reopened for business earlier today, at the strike of midnight. People were lined up to gamble, even though it was a Wednesday night. If you’re reading this further down the road, try to find Vegas videos dated June 4th, 2020. It’s downright surreal to see card dealers and dancers with their entire faces covered by masks. Interestingly, some of the early proposed designs didn’t come to pass: there are no plexiglass dividers between gamblers at the casino tables, and masks for customers appear to be merely encouraged, not mandated.

There’s more speculation on the nature of the eventual vaccine. Seems like every pharmaceutical company out there is trying their hand at it. It’ll most likely be a two-dose vaccine, with a month or so between the doses. (Covid may mutate fast, unlike, say, measles, which stays the same forever and requires just one shot.) I wonder if it’ll come out late this year or at the beginning of 2021…