Wednesday evening. Earlier, I wrote about setting up Boredom-Reducing Enormously Alliterative Days (or BREAD, if you will), where Wednesdays would henceforth be known as Waffle Wednesdays. Small issue with that: I don’t own a waffle maker, and I don’t feel like buying novelty kitchen devices at this point in my life.

With waffles out of the way, I’ve discarded Wine Wednesdays (the whole bottle?!), Weed Wednesdays (meh), Wet Wednesdays (no, just no), and Wacky Wednesdays (my life is wacky enough as it is). The winner is Wiener Wednesdays. (No comments from the peanut gallery!) I picked up some smoked turkey sausage on my recent grocery run, which made for a fine lunch and an even better stir-fry for dinner. Nom nom.

In the US, a 17-year-old child from Illinois traveled to Wisconsin with his semi-automatic rifle. He then killed two protesters and permanently injured another one. He then walked past the Kenosha cops, who did not stop him. He then drove away, and got arrested later on by other, mildly more competent cops.

I’m currently giving my American friends the best advice I can provide on moving to Canada. Tomorrow’s Thirsty Thursday (free of exercise restrictions) can’t start soon enough…

In covid news: in lieu of absolutely nothing, the CDC took down its guidance to get tested if you’ve been in close contact with a covid-infected person. Earlier, the guidance was to get tested if you’re not sure. Now the guidance is to get tested only if you’re showing symptoms. That excludes asymptomatic carriers, and that’s frankly horrifying. No one at the CDC would own up to this change. Anonymous sources say this was due to the push from the White House.

…years ago, back in 2013, I lived in Fort Worth, Texas. I was a very low-ranked analyst at Amazon. (These days, I’m merely low-ranked.) I was a fanboy of the CDC: I’d read all the memoirs published by their Epidemiological Intelligence Service veterans. I even planned out my potential career trajectory and looked up which courses an which degrees I’d have to get at local colleges to convert my degree in Political Science into something more useful, something that would get me into not just the CDC but into the EIS itself. In one of the infinite alternate universes, that wish probably came true. I wonder how that Grigory is doing right now… The CDC has lost the reputation that had taken over 60 years to acquire. It’s hard to tell when – or whether – they’ll get it back. Thus falls another idol.

A few days ago, my best friend (who is sadly still in the US; whom I’m trying to help to move to Canada) said “No way any future history student is going to be told all of the insanity that happened. It’s going to be ‘oh, there was a bad flu and an eccentric leader.'” It’s sad, but he’s probably right. This, all of this, will likely be overlooked, and glossed over, and trivialized. This may end up like the historical accounts of Caligula, which many historians dismiss as political attacks that couldn’t possibly be real.

I wonder if this blog will survive: so much is lost to digital decay. If it survives, I wonder if anyone will read in the future. If it survives and if someone reads it in the future, I wonder if they’ll believe what I wrote. I cannot help but wonder…