Monday night. It’s getting dark significantly earlier now. Sweater weather during my 52-minute march around the backyard.

I’ve finally decided to fill in a shameful blank on my geek bingo card, and bought my first novel by William Gibson. (“The Peripheral.”) The price of admission is the incredibly dense introduction, but after that it’s just pure sci-fi goodness. Gibson is an interesting character, having moved from the US to Canada just like. In his case, though, it was mostly to avoid getting drafted to Vietnam, but in the end, he chose to stay here, in the Great White North. Fun guy.

In today’s culinary adventures: I’ve used up all of my old, no-brand olive oil and popped open a bottle of the fancy Tuscany stuff that seems to have its own serial number. (Or a fancy number, in any case.) This could’ve been the good ol’ placebo effect, but the fried eggs did taste significantly better. Ahh, the exciting and breathtaking life of self-imposed lockdown.

In covid news, there’s more online chatter about one Scott Atlas, aka Trump’s newest covid advisor. Atlas has no background in immunology or epidemiology, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a frequent guest on Fox News. His preferred strategy for fighting the pandemic is herd immunity, as in getting as many people infected as possible (with the exception of himself and his loved ones, of course) to end the whole thing as soon as possible. It doesn’t help that this has no scientific basis whatsoever – it’s just fancy frontier gibberish that sounds like it might work, so here we are again: a medical problem with political patchwork solutions.

It’s pretty hard to separate US-related news from the news that affects me directly. With the election getting closer, I have to skip entire podcasts on my Alexa flash briefing because once again, that no longer applies to me. (I can’t begin to tell you how great that realization feels.) So, in Canadian covid news – the Canadian government has just struck two more vaccine deals, one with Novamax and one with Johnson and Johnson. Combined with the previous deals, that translates into enough vaccines for every Canadian. The downside is the logistics, same as always. If all goes well, that means folks will get their shots sometime in the first quarter of 2021. That means, in the best of all possible worlds, over four months from this point on. Heh… There’s a significant chance that this blog (which I’ve vowed to update daily till I get vaccinated) will get all the way to Day 365 – and beyond. The world will be unimaginably different by then…

But hey, just 4-7 more months, eh? How hard can that be, right? *knocks on wood and crosses all the toes and fingers*