Saturday evening. I’m at the hospital with xgf. This isn’t covid-related: her torn leg muscles is getting worse.

On the one hand, Canada is far more efficient than the US: they’ve provided an X-ray and an ultrasound fast and free of charge. On the other hand, arrogant human nature is the same everywhere: the admitting doc disregarded the explanation and requested the ultrasound for an entirely different part of her leg. She did receive an appointment for a more comprehensive ultrasound later on, for what it’s worth.

So… Sitting. Waiting.

Odd day, this. Earlier, I got my wish of people-watching by walking up and down Toronto looking for non-existent dispensaries (you’ve failed me, Google!) before finally finding one that had the THC-free oil for xgf.

The phone battery is dying – just didn’t want to break the narrative by skipping even a single day. Here is hoping they’ll find what’s wrong. Here is hoping we’ll get out of here soon. Here is hoping…