Sunday evening. Last night, we got out of the hospital shortly after I posted the blog, having spent about 4.5 hours there altogether. They didn’t find anything specific (big surprise there) and referred xgf to a specialist next week.

Afterwards, we drove to an A&W and got a veritable feast, since neither of us had eaten in 7-8 hours. Indoor dining is off-limits, of course, so we made do outside. It was strange to see multiple groups of people – mostly couples, sometimes groups – sitting on the curb and having quiet little meals. Everyone was well enough apart and enjoying the nice weather and the delicious food. It was very anachronistic – the same way you’d feel about 1950s-style drive-in theaters making a comeback without much fanfare.

This morning, I spent two hours of my precious life checking local stores to find a very specific charger for my phone. (The old one gave up the ghost at some point last night.) Ended up finding one at roughly 5,900% markup from the $0.50 I imagine it actually cost to make. Heh. This is something I hadn’t considered when prepping for the apocalypse: the planned obsolescence of everyday gadgets. Over the past month, I had to improvised surgery on my work laptop (the battery shorted out for some reason), followed by my gaming mouse that I use for work. It doesn’t work or sound quite the same now, but revenants rarely do. Most people I know don’t keep backups for their keyboards, mice, chargers, etc. At some point, things might get ugly.

In covid news: evidently, the town of Sturgis, SD, hosts a giant biker rally every August. This year, the expected attendance is 245,000 – and none of them are wearing masks. Considering that a) most of these wannabe bad dudes are actually small-business owners and average yuppies, and b) they’ve come from all over the country, then c) there’ll be quite a few deaths caused by this mega-cluster.

New Zealand has just celebrated 100 days without community transmission of covid. Vietnam is just a couple of days behind it. (An even more impressive achievement, in a way, considering Vietnam’s larger population and land borders.) Ontario has had six days in a row with fewer than 100 new cases per day. Toronto got 23 new cases. That’s a drop in a bucket, considering the city’s population and the way things had been earlier.

It’s so, so tempting to start going out again… During my CBD oil walkabout yesterday, I passed by a favourite pizza bar of mine: they make a mean thin-crust pizza, and their cherry cider is almost as good as some of the finest I enjoyed in Seattle. And yet… It’d be the height of hubris to get back to business as usual, only to catch the virus after all this time. But it’s so very, very, very tempting… Oh well. Still plenty of stuff to play and read and binge-watch in my comfy indoor cave.